Para Yok 2023 cancelled

*english version*
Dear Para Yok guests, supporters, artists and crews!

The week of hope is over and we report with our final decision – WHATS HAPPENING WITH PARA YOK FESTIVAL 2023?

But first of all we want to thank you for all the support during the last week. We have received an unbelievable amount of messages with great suggestions for a site. We have been busy, calling around and exploring new locations.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to find a suitable site on such short notice and we, unfortunately, have to cancel the Para Yok Festival 2023.

The last glimmer of hope that we can still organize in the Alte Hölle, was now also destroyed on Wednesday after the talks with the authorities.

▶️What happened?
A small event of a local collective in May called the management of the nature park on the plan, which considers the events in the landscape conservation area (LSG) and in the vicinity of a bird sanctuary as impossible. This was followed by discussions with the lower nature conservation authority, which questioned the entire continued existence and development of the Alte Hölle. In addition, they specifically announced that no events would be permitted in the LSG. Reasons were among other things, that the bass music would cause vibrations, which are contrary to the vague protective purposes of the LSG. (Comment on this: next to the site are two military training areas and an open pit mine….) In addition, a music event would contradict the „[…] nature-oriented and nature-compatible development of the area“.

Especially because there are two military training areas and an open-cast mine right next to the site, the reasons given by the authorities are difficult for us to understand and seem quite arbitrary to us.
Our full support goes to Alte Hölle.

What happens with your tickets?
You have the possibility to return your tickets at every Para Yok Café and get the full ticket price back from us. The amount collected by the Soli tickets will be rounded up by us and still donated to LesMigraS. If tickets are not returned, the money will go equally to our soli donation goal and to Para Yok Festival 2024.
The next dates are:
Mon, 10.07.
Mon, 24.07
Mon, 14.08
Mon, 28.08

It’s all not really real yet. This decision hits us all extremely and we are incredibly sad that the festival can not take place this year.
We would like to thank all the crews, artists, friends and helpers who have supported us and put so much work into the project. Without you there is no Para Yok!!!

We don’t let the cancellation get us down, we will continue and we are looking forward to dance with you again soon.

Still broke, still übelst Bock
Your Para Yokis