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Dear Para Yok guests, supporters, artists and crews!
We have to get back to you with the worst news we could have ever imagined. Yesterday morning we received a call from the Alte Hölle that the lower nature conservation authority would not approve any events in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, we and four other festivals are affected by this. 
We are all still shocked and still can’t believe it. After an emergency meeting yesterday, we are sorry to inform you that Para Yok Festival 2023 has to be cancelled FOR NOW. This decision is unfortunately completely beyond our scope of action. Even if the Alte Hölle tries everything to change the mind of the authorities – the reasons put forward are objectively difficult to understand – there will most likely be no solution from the authorities by the end of July.

What will happen now? 
We will now make an intensive effort for one week to find a new site for the same period (28.07.-30.07.). We are grateful for every suggestion. Feel free to write us at:! 
If we have not found a new site after this week, we will have to cancel the festival!!! 
We just don’t want to give up hope yet and will try everything possible!
In this week of hope, there are also further discussions with the lower nature conservation authority and, among others, the responsible mayor. Besides, we are already leaving tomorrow to visit new grounds, we will fight!

We are incredibly sorry. It’s just an absolute nightmare. 
We will continue to keep you updated, and on 30.06. at 6:00pm the final decision will be announced. We have full understanding for all those who can’t or don’t want to wait until 30.06. and are already making new plans, gigs, vacations, etc. So if you want to get your ticket refunded now, you can do so. However, we are still hopeful to find a new venue and still be able to celebrate together with you. In case of a final cancellation, we will refund the full ticket price to all guests. The amount raised by the soli-tickets will be rounded up by us and donated to LesMigraS anyway.

Still broke, still übelst Bock,
lots of love and still a little hope,
Your Para Yokis

*edit: The Alte Hölle is proven to be outside the bird protected area, the authority is currently doing everything possible not to allow all events.